Dáil Éireann - Volume 509 - 20 October, 1999

Written Answers. - Grant Payments.

101. Mr. G. Reynolds asked the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Rural Development the reason a person (details supplied) in County Sligo has not received 1999 sheep headage, cattle headage and a beef premium. [20903/99]

[1299] Minister for Agriculture, Food and Rural Development

(Mr. Walsh): The person named included commonage in his 1999 area aid application, but did not provide proof of his entitlement to claim this commonage. The herd owner has been contacted in this regard, and when the necessary proof is provided, his application will be processed.

Payments under the 1999 sheep headage scheme and the 1999 cattle headage scheme will issue to the person named as soon as his area aid application is fully processed. Under the 1999 ten months special beef premium scheme, the person named applied on three animals, one of which was too young to qualify for payment. My Department wrote to the person named on 7 July 1999 advising him that he will not receive payment on this animal but that he may apply again on the animal when it becomes eligible. Special beef premium payments cannot commence before 1 November in accordance with the EU Regulations and are dependant on a fully processed area aid application.

Payment of the first advance under the 1999 ewe premium scheme of £4,068.16 was issued to the person named on 11 June 1999. The second advance of £2,082.89 has now issued to him.