Dáil Éireann - Volume 414 - 17 December, 1991

Written Answers. - Means Tested Schemes.

261. Mr. Noonan (Limerick East) asked the Minister for Education if he will outline (1) the schemes under the control of his Department which are based on means test, (2) the basis of the means test which applies to each scheme and (3) the level of income above which an applicant is deemed ineligible for the scheme.

Minister for Education (Mr. Davern): With regard to (1) the schemes under the aegis of my Department are as follows: the higher education grants scheme; and the vocational education committees (VECs) scholarship scheme; (2) for a candidate to be eligible for the award of a higher education grant, the “reckonable income” of the candidate and of the candidates' parents or guardians must be within the income limits set out in the relevant scheme. For the purpose of the scheme “reckonable income” means gross income from all sources, less any sum paid by way of contribution to a superannuation fund, and excluding also children's allowances under the Social Welfare Acts, holiday earnings of the candidate and payments [1891] under the family income supplement scheme; (3) the level of income above which an applicant is deemed ineligible for a grant is a function of the number of dependent children in the family. For example an applicant for a grant in 1991-92 who comes from a family with three dependent children will qualify for a full maintenance grant if the family income does not exceed £11,595 per annum.