Dáil Éireann - Volume 383 - 19 October, 1988

Written Answers. - National Lottery Allocations.

350. Mr. Nealon asked the Minister for Education the various conditions that attach to the granting of national lottery money from her Department; and, in particular, say (1) if it is possible for a project that has in any way previously been grant aided by Government money or through Social Employment Scheme or an AnCO scheme to qualify for further national lottery grants; (2) whether it is possible to get national lottery money for work on a project already completed before the application but not paid for (3) whether it is possible to get national lottery funds to set off against the bank overdraft of a suitable project (4) the percentage of the total cost of a suitable project which would be grant aided with national lottery money and (5) the stage or stages at which the money is paid out.

Minister for Education (Mrs. O'Rourke): I enclose for the information of the Deputy a copy of the Capital Grant Scheme for the Provision of Recreational Facilities. As regards the particular queries (1) to (5) of the Deputy's Question the position is as follows:

Query (1) — First paragraph page 3 of the scheme refers and last sentence of first paragraph page 1 which states that a grant will not be payable in respect of projects being grant assisted by any other Government funding.

Query (2) — Grants may not be allocated towards completed projects.

Query (3) — Grant may not be allocated to offset debts.

Query (4) — See paragraph 2 (ii) of the scheme.

Query (5) — See paragraph 3, page 4, of the scheme.

[221] Capital Grant Scheme for the Provision of Recreational Facilities.

1. Introduction — This scheme aims to promote greater leisure opportunities for the community by assisting local initiatives for the provision of recreational, leisure and community facilities (excluding swimming pools and environmental works). Indoor and outdoor facilities qualify. The scheme is restricted to facilities being provided by voluntary community organisations. It does not assist the purchase of sites or of premises. A grant will not be payable in respect of projects being grant assisted by any other Government funding.

2. Requirements for Grantees —

(i) Site Acquisition: Applicant organisations must own or hold under lease, of generally not less than 25 years hence, the site where proposed development work is to take place. This condition may not be enforced where the site is in public ownership.

(ii) Local Contribution and Maximum Grants: A local financial contribution of at least 30 per cent will be necessary. Exceptionally on special application a contribution as low as 20 per cent may be accepted. Subject to above the level of grant-aid to be sanctioned in any particular case will be at the discretion of the Department.

Satisfactory evidence of the availability of the required local contribution amount must be produced prior to confirmation of grant-aid.

The maximum grant will be £100,000 except where the development of playing pitches is proposed in which case it will be £20,000. Grants from this scheme for any facility shall not exceed the relevant maximum.

(iii) Plans: Drawings showing the plans for the proposed development must be submitted to the Department. The Department will not be responsible for any costs incurred in this regard or in any way for the correctness in any respect of such plans. Each development must proceed in accordance with the design [222] and costs generally agreed by the Department.

(iv) Planning Permission: Applicants will be required to secure the relevant Planning Permission and By-Law Approval. The Department will not be responsible for any costs incurred in this regard.

(v) Construction of Project: The project must be put out to tender and if it is proposed to pass over the lowest or any tender the Department must be notified before any other tender is accepted. Failure to accept the lowest suitable tender may result in reduction or cancellation of grant aid.

Grants will only be considered in respect of work to be done by recognised building contractors; it will not be provided towards work performed by voluntary labour or under Government training schemes.

Tax clearance procedures (i.e. production of a current C.2 certificate of tax clearance from the Tax Office) in respect of contractors proposed for selection must be complied with in advance of any contractual commitments being made on the part of the grantee.

Satisfactory arrangements must be made by the grantee for the professional/technical supervision of construction works. The Department will not be liable for any fees incurred.

Where proposed construction works exceed £100,000 building contractors will be required to secure an insurance bond in respect of such projects in advance of the award of a contract.

(vi) Commencement of Building Work: Where construction work has not commenced within three months of date of provisional grant allocation, the allocation is liable to be withdrawn.

(vii) Management and Maintenance: The grantee will be responsible for making satisfactory arrangements for the management and maintenance of the proposed facility.

(viii) Guarantee of Community Access and Continued Usage: The grantee will [223] be required to submit a written undertaking that the completed facility will be made fully available to the local community. It will also be necessary to provide an undertaking protecting the Department's financial interest in the facility and guaranteeing the repayment of grants should it cease to operate or should a change of usage occur.

(ix) Insurance: The grantee will be required to arrange for the provision of adequate insurance cover for the completed facility, against fire and all other insurable risks, with an approved insurance company and to pay all necessary premiums. The insurance will be for such amount as will provide cover for the full re-instatement value of the facility, together with a sum for professional fees.

It will also be necessary for the grantee to maintain satisfactory public liability insurance in respect of users, general public, etc.

3. Payment of Grant — In the case of grants up to £15,000, the grant may be paid (a) on submission of certification that project has been completed as originally planned or (b) on submission of certification that work to the value of twice the value of the grant has been completed in respect of the grant-aided work. For grants over £15,000 payments will be paid to approved projects following submission of architects' certificates/builders' invoices in respect of work completed. Amounts of grant instalments will relate to the value of grant aided work completed.

4. Project Visits — Approved projects will be subject to occasional visits by officials of the Department.

5. Application Forms — Application forms are available from the Secretary, Department of Education, Youth Section, 11th Floor, Hawkins House, Dublin 2.

6. Acknowledgement — All grant assisted projects must display an acknowledgement that they are being aided by the national lottery.