Dáil Éireann - Volume 283 - 01 July, 1975

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Phibsboro (Dublin) PO.

[109] 22. Mr. Tunney asked the Minister for Finance when the tender for the new post office in Phibsboro, Dublin, was placed; the reason why the building is not yet ready; and when it will be completed.

Mr. Kenny: The tender for the new post office and sorting office at Phibsboro was accepted on 24th February, 1972.

The work had to be done in two stages, the first of which was the erection of a new sorting office. This building had to be completed and occupied and temporary accommodation obtained and fitted out for the public office before the erection of the new post office could be commenced.

Work on that building is now nearing completion and it is expected that it will be ready for handing over to the Department of Posts and Telegraphs in the next two to three months.

Mr. Tunney: Would the Parliamentary Secretary accept that it is a long period for the execution of this tender? I do not have to remind the Parliamentary Secretary of the disturbance being caused to those who use the post office and avail of the services.

Mr. Kenny: The delay was that it had to be done in two stages. Accommodation had to be obtained for the occupants of the premises involved in stage one.

Mr. Tunney: So that the residents of other areas would not have to undergo what the people in Phibsboro have, would the Parliamentary Secretary not agree that it was too long a time? To say that it was done in two stages does not justify the monstrous delay that has occurred in the completion of this contract.

Mr. Kenny: A lot of complexities enter into these matters. Together with the stages one has to deal with certain types of personalities in the form of contractors. In this case the contractor proved rather slow.

[110] Mr. Tunney: That is an understatement.